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Ling Wollenschlaeger is the Founder and Head Chef of Pittsburgh Fresh. Growing up in her mother’s kitchen, Ling learned from a young age that cooking with fresh, healthy ingredients results in meals that are not only nutritious, but also delicious and satisfying. After graduating from Penn State University and embarking on a career as a financial analyst, Ling was committed to packing healthy lunches. She often saw her colleagues, who were busy and had little time to prepare fresh, nutritious lunches, resort to eating fast food or greasy, calorie-ridden takeout. Many would remark to her: “Your lunches always look so healthy. I’d pay you to make my lunch! With those words, Ling began a new career, one that would dovetail her passion for healthy cooking with helping others to eat nutritious, fresh meals. She went on to graduate from the Culinary Arts Program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and launch Pittsburgh Fresh.

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